Let's get those host files updated!

This should work on any G4KLX (linux) installations
(with hostfiles located in the usr/local/etc directory).
Updated December 18th, 2016 11:00

It will work on any installations I did for others
The Newer Pi-Star configurations have an automatic scenero for the host files.

I've switched all of my devices to Pi-Star
Because I can't be sure if your setup has the old hostup.sh already installed, or if it's out of date.

We'll have to do some file management.
like delete (remove) the hostup.sh and a few others.

Open a Terminal window.

Type the following lines (in red) one at a time and enter.

sudo rm hostup.sh

sudo rm DExtra_Hosts.txt

sudo rm DPlus_Hosts.txt

sudo rm DCS_Hosts.txt

sudo rm /root/DExtra_Hosts.txt

sudo rm /root/DPlus_Hosts.txt

sudo rm /root/DCS_Hosts.txt

If the files can't be found that is good too. If they are not in place the can't be removed.

In the terminal window, Type ls and make sure they aren't listed. There are other files that can stay.

You can now do the following:

sudo wget arrg.us/HF/UpDate/hostup.sh

sudo chmod 777 hostup.sh

(it just comes back to the prompt, it doesn't look like it does a thing. This just changes the hostup.sh to a file that you can execute by using the "sudo ./ command")

sudo ./hostup.sh

The process takes about 30 seconds or so.

sudo reboot

Once you have done this, the script is installed, you will only have to type
sudo ./hostup.sh
in the "Terminal Window" from now on to get the latest host files from the arrg.us server.

I will update them as needed, lots of new MultiProtocol Reflectors coming on line.

Good luck! and have fun using the new XLX reflectors using either the DPlus DExtra or DCS protocol.

By putting the REF450BL or XRF450BL or DCS450BL as an example, in the UR: (your callsign) to connect.

You need to have the correct ports open in your router to work correctly. Some may have to copy the xrf reflectors to the DPlus_Host file to connected but it will be a connection that will drop often. the ports to open are:

D-Plus UDP, 20001 - 20009 D-Plus gateway and reflector linking

DExtra UDP, 30001 DExtra gateway and reflector linking

DCS UDP, 30051 - 3059 DCS gateway and reflector linking

CCS UDP, 30061-30065 CCS callsign or repeater routing

G2 Routing UDP, 40000 For callsign and repeater routing

(right click and Save target as to save a local copy)
If you would like to view the .txt files click the links
DCS Hosts
DExtra Hosts
DPlus Hosts

Steve NO9S