Emil Horwitz 6/08/1940 -1/30/2017

I met Emil many years ago at Old Town, he was a Cruiser and the last car he had was a '48 Ford, this was just one of many over the years. He was a retired Police officer from Cleveland Ohio and a retired Deputy Sherriff in Pasco County Florida.

10 years ago or so he showed interest in Amateur radio, he parked right next to me at Old Town, we used to meet at Old Town on Wednesday's and Saturday's at the time so he was getting quite the exposure to it. In 2008 we started to administer the FCC tests for the ARRL and he was the first to sign up and pass.

After we no longer frequented Old Town he became a member of the Cruise Staff.

He was a friend to everyone he met. He will be missed.






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